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In 2004 I resigned from senior leadership of a church affiliated to NewFrontiers, formerly known as New Frontiers International. It was easily the worst experience in my life.

I know other people who have been through this or similar, but I was surprised at the dearth of accounts of something which I'm sure was not an isolated incident. It was my lack of success in Googling for news that prompted this page.

My day-by-day story at that time was told online through my blog (many thanks to the folks at the Wibsite for preserving this); the most relevant part of the archives are here.

I made some later additions to that blog at a different address, now archived here .

After seven years of silence, in 2011, following the departure from NewFrontiers of one of the key people involved in these events, several individuals involved approached me and apologised for their part in the events of 2004. Others conspicuously did not. As of April 2011, NewFrontiers as an organisation had not acknowledged its role or responsibility in these events.

For those wishing to dig deeper, some links are to be found on the "links" page on the left menu.

If you are more interested in theological issues relating to NewFrontiers, some of the links on the "toxic faith" and links pages may be the place to start.

I believe that there are good people within NewFrontiers and I am not in a position to judge individuals' hearts and consciences. I believe many are self-deluded and/or both victims and perpetrators of institutional bad practice which is almost impossible to see unless you are outside it. The apostle Paul was able to rejoice wherever he saw the Gospel preached whatever the motives, but didn't seem to think that meant he should not speak out against what he saw see as wrong. I try to strike the same balance.

If you want to know more about any of this, please e-mail me.

Last updated: April 2011